Back to work

I am back to work in SL hosting with DJ PappaBearBB on Friday nights 6-8 pm (SLT) and DJ at Noon on Thursdays @ Almost World-Famous Blues Bar. I am also DJ at the FIX BEACH on Mondays @ Noon Always good to keep busy right?

Come give us a listen sometime 🙂



A new home sweet home

We finally moved again. I am really happy with how the new place turned out. Thank you Izel, for offering us a place to lay our heads. Living in an old conservatory, overgrown with moss & ivy, and set among ancient ruins.

Taken at our new place at:

Ins and outs of pictures in SL

I have been trying to play around with wind-lights in SL and my editing effects in PSPX9. It has been interesting to see the subtle changes from the originals. Here are 3 examples I put up on my flickr page this week. One is using a ‘time and film’ effect using a tin type from the 1870’s. The next is a study of my zoom capabilities, (not that I have much!) The third was using only the lights from the background (i.e. the campfires.), and the last is using a fog effect in the photo editing not the SL wind-light. I am pretty pleased with the results.

WaitingLongingCampfire lightFoggy_003

May BishBox


Bad Kitty was the theme of this month’s BishBox. I have been getting this boxes since January and have not been disappointed yet! I was so excited for this month’s box because anyone who knows me, I am a total fan-girl about DC Comic’s Catwoman. I actually was chosen to win this month’s box for free due to my comment on BishBox’s Flickr page about what I would like to see in the box. I had already purchased the box, so get next month’s Rock Rebel box free instead! I am all for that. The box came with lots of goodies. Of course being the fan-girl I am, I choose those items that made me look as close to Eartha Kitt/Michelle Pfeiffer/Julie Newmar (my favorites in order ;D) as I could get!

Come Soon poses designed a great city alley set with a gun prop, and several poses both for females, and males. The picture above is me in -CS- Bad Cat 03 F1.

I am in my basic Maitreya body and wearing:

Absolute Vendetta Juno Bento Rings, OC 6.4.0 Septum Ring, Daffodil Crimson’s animated whip, and these May BishBox exclusives:

Doe – Sue Hair

Suicide Gurls -Dana Mask

Kibitz – Kitten Collar

[I<3F] – Kittysuit

Astralia – Feline Claws

(Yummy) Claw Rings

Pure Poison – Meow Pumps

For more pictures check out my flickr page:





Mt. Everest…

Trajan and I went exploring the other day and found an awesome sim. Mt. Everest! Now being asthmatics in real life the odds of us ever climbing Mt. Everest are slim to none…not so in SL. We decided to take a hot air balloon ride and view the glory of this sim the easy way, all cuddled and snuggled together in a really cool basket! It truly was breathtaking, I encourage you all to visit the sim if you haven’t already!

Gacha Garden

Kae & Trajan

I got into Gacha Garden on Tuesday May 2, without too much trouble. I really only wanted the alme. nail polish and MadPeas Narmounts. But when I saw the Meva Boho Bikini selection I just fell in love! I hit the gacha thirteen times and got the entire line in those 13 pulls! The glasses and hat are really cute but the bikini is what sold me on the outfit! It comes in this cute multi colored ensemble I have on above, a teal, and in a solid black. Made for the Maitreya body, I really can’t say enough great things about it. It fits well, the texture is a great braided macrame look and gives the chest that hint of side nipple and cleavage with my shape. The hat needed only minor adjusting to fit with the Entwined Alison hair I have on here.

I did hit the alme gacha as well and got the entire summertime line! I am wearing the COMMON 1 color here.

I also managed to get all the narmounts I wanted. In all, a good day of event shopping!

I am celebrating my luck dancing with my partner Trajan (wearing his JOMO wolf avi) at the fabulous Moody Beach.

Photo by: Erick Idyllwild

Welcome to my Mad SL

ad705cb09b985479a6584bbe14d13eb3I I hope to entertain you with random thoughts, fashion commentary, places and opinions about this crazy place we call SL.

Image of my partner & I, taken by me @

Disturbia Rage of Mystery

Disturbia is a mysterious and inaccessible island that has been abandoned, neglected and forgotten by society. It is a lovely little place, really…if you don’t think about all the people who mysteriously vanish here.

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